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This has been a dream of mine for so long now… having two men at once. It does feel naughty, it makes me feel slutty, but I am lost in the moment and it just feels so great. My knees are on the edge of the bed, with me on all fours while my husband stands and fucks me from behind. I feel his familiar cock as it thrusts again and again deep inside me. He has one leg up on the bed and has a perfect angle for deep penetration.

My mouth is busy sucking Gary's huge cock. He is 10 inches at least. I have never had a cock so big. I can hardly get it all in my mouth. I feel it slide down the back of my mouth and down my throat. I almost gag as it comes back up and out. My hand surrounds his shaft and just glides so smoothly over the moisture my mouth has left behind.

My husband slaps my ass. We have done this before playfully. But now he is really giving me a spanking. He spanks me hard and then grabs and massages my ass. He slaps the other cheek and then does the same thing. It is all part of feeling naughty. I feel like a bad girl and this now feels right. I can feel the cheeks of my ass almost burning, but my passions and desires are burning even hotter.

I can hear Gary's moans. His hands go to the back of my head and he pushes me onto his cock. He controls my head as he fucks my mouth. My husband has my hips firmly in his grip and he pulls me back and forth, rocking me onto his cock. I have little control as each part of me is being handled by them as they see fit. Soon, Gary's cock explodes in my mouth as he moans in ecstasy. I swallow what I can and let the rest drip out of my mouth and down his shaft. When Gary is exhausted and finished with me he slides out from underneath me and repositions both me and my husband.

Gary has my husband lay on his back on the bed. I get on top of him, but I am reversed, with my back laying on my husband chest. My husband slides his cock inside me and we begin to fuck. Gary kneels before us and as my husbands cock fucks me, I can feel Gary's tongue begin to lick my pussy. My husband cups my breasts in his hands as his arms wrap around me. I twist my head and kiss my husband. It is a long, passionate kiss in a difficult and almost awkward position.

Once in a while Gary's tongue seems to stop. At the same time I can feel my husband withdraw slightly from inside me and hesitate. I prop myself up on my elbows for a minute. I can see Gary between our legs. He licks my clit, and then as my husbands cock pulls out from inside me, Gary licks his shaft. This is unexpected and unplanned, but I suppose we are all lost in the moment and enjoying every minute of this, in every way we can. My husband seems to enjoy it, although I never thought he would. He hesitates when he is outside me and gets into have another man lick and suck on his shaft. Gary continues to lick me and when his mouth is busy with my husband's dick; his fingers continue to massage my clit.

Gary repositions us one more time. My husband remains laying on the bed, but this time I sit on top of his cock as I face my husband. He reaches up and plays with my breasts and I lean down and kiss him, our mouths smell like sex. I can smell my pussy juices still on my husband mouth and I wonder if he can smell Gary's cock and cum on my breath too.

As I begin to rock back and forth on my husbands cock, I can feel Gary from behind. The tip of that huge cock begins to play with my ass. Teasing me. I am filled with dread and wonder at the same time. There is no way I want that huge cock up my ass, yet as I fuck my husband and kiss him, I want that hole filled in some way. As I rock back, my asshole almost pleads with Gary to fill it.

He doesn't penetrate deeply, but I can feel the tip of his cock begin to go inside me. Just a little, just enough to satisfy the urge.

My husband is the next to cum. As we kiss, he moans and I feel his body begin to shake. That is all it takes. Hearing him moan, being fucked by my husband and being fucked up the ass by Gary, I too begin to explode in an intense orgasm that seems to last forever.

If you have never tried a threesome, I highly recommend it!


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